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Tiramisu taken to another level!😍


Brewed coffee - 500ml

(Well loaded/strong)

4 medium eggs

Mascarpone cheese - 250g

Sugar - 6 tablespoons

Amaretto – 4 tablespoons (Optional)

Pirulin - 300g

(one large can or two small ones)

cocoa powder


  1. We make the coffee and let it cool.

  2. We whip egg whites to the point of snow.

  3. In another container, beat the yolks with the sugar until a foamy consistency is achieved.

  4. We add the mascarpone, little by little, and continue beating at low speed. Add the whipped egg whites and mix with a spatula using circular movements.

  5. In a mold we put a layer of PIRULIN, moisten it with coffee, and cover it with a layer of mascarpone cream (we repeat the operation until complete).

  6. We sprinkle cocoa at the end

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