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La mejor marquesa del mundo!

With the help of @coicoireposteria we managed to find a unique recipe that will make you enjoy the perfect chocolate marquise!

For this we will need:

1- Maria type cookies moistened with milk

2- Cream:

100 grs. Evaporated milk

100 grs. Cream

200 grams of condensed milk

150 gr. Pirucream Spread

150 grams of chocolate at least 55% cocoa

3- Cook all the ingredients in a pot until thickened for approximately 15 minutes!

4- We add pieces of Pirucream/Pirulin

5-We assemble the marquise with cream, wet cookie and pieces of Pirucream/Pirulin!

We repeat the process at least 3 times and put it in the freezer and that's it, enjoy. ♥️

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