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Pirulin team did magic in Punta Cana

The fascinating town of Punta Cana witnessed the meeting held by the Pirulín team at the end of 2022. Event in which representatives of the Sindoni family (creators of the product) participated along with full management, collaborators and allies.

“Pirulin is not a concept, Pirulin is a feeling, an emotion that resembles joy, love and magic” were the words of Enzo Sindoni, during the days in which the progress of the brand was shared, around the rebranding that has been underway since 2020 and that is already a reality in 2022.

The meetings gave the opportunity to transmit the work carried out in recent months, in terms of its redesign and the new stage of the products, “seven out of ten brands in our region could disappear and no one would miss them, we know that is not the case of Pirulín” said Patricia Ocaña, International Marketing leader of the brand and the Sindoni Group.

The objective of sharing, enjoying, making accomplices and transmitting the love and passion they feel for the brand was more than achieved. Proof of this is the record obtained from the attendees, who expressed their joy at being participants in the construction of this new history.

“We are not doing what the number one does, we are the number one” were the closing words of Enzo Sindoni, Vice President of the Group, after inviting the attendees to discover together the new chapter of Pirulin, a new stage in which Strategic efforts are focused on continuous growth and expansion that has taken it to 15 countries.

In 2022, relaunch events will be held in different cities in Latin America, the United States and Spain, through actions that promise to make history, bringing the premium and unmatched flavor of these unique and magical wafers to the palate of the Ibero-American public.

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