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Hello! I'm Pirulin

“Describing flavors, defining with adjectives what is only possible to taste individually and personally, is always more challenging when it comes to a product that, since its beginnings in the 70s, has attracted everyone who discovers it, turning it into their instant lover” were the words of Patricia Ocaña, regarding its relaunch.

The stories that revolve around this delicious wafer, the product of an artisanal Italian recipe, are collected in the interactions of our followers through which phrases arise such as "when I buy it I hide it so that it is only for me"; "in my family we make competition to see who can get the first one the fastest, because of how full the can is"; "Pirulin is the secret that I keep in a corner of my house, it's my little secret"; "In my house there is no party if there is no Pirulin”, statements that reflect the feeling that Pirulin awakens in those who try it.

Why do Pirulovers exist?

Because Pirulin is a unique product, with a crunchy wafer, a creamy filling, made with 100% organic cocoa and Tarragona hazelnuts (the best in the world), without palm oil, preservatives or trans fats. In other words, a delicious product, made with the best ingredients and ready to create magical moments with anyone who wants the luxury of having it in their life.

It will also be your accomplice to celebrate

The magic of Pirulin has accompanied its consumers and followers, not only giving them a moment of delight due to its unmatched flavor but also joining in on occasions of celebration, thus bringing the love that exists, in a secret family recipe, to dozens of other dessert recipes, starring Pirulin.

In all its presentations -chocolate, lemon and coconut- Pirulin is part of important family moments and that is why today we invite you to join this tradition, to add to your life a product that is loved by everyone. the one who gives the pleasure of trying it.

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