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Coffee Week in Colombia

The Pirulin family has lived a unique experience in the city of Bogotá!

We have been part of coffee week in Colombia, an event of great importance for the sector, in which we celebrate the rich coffee culture in the country. During this week, coffee lovers gathered to enjoy and learn about the coffee production process, taste different varieties, participate in workshops and activities related to the bean, and enjoy traditional Colombian hospitality.

We had the privilege of learning about the journey of the coffee bean, from cultivation on the farms to the consumer's cup, and we carried out synergies in which our wafer was the co-star of delicious moments.

We had the opportunity to meet local producers, roasters and passionate baristas who share their love for coffee and now also do so for our crispy wafer.

During coffee week, Pirulin gave visitors sweet moments and a reunion that pleasantly surprised many of the attendees.

In summary, being part of coffee week in Colombia has been an enriching experience for Pirulin, we have experienced the world of coffee very closely, met people who are passionate about this world and with whom we enjoy the best cups of coffee that Colombia has to offer.

Very grateful for the opportunity and the welcome!

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