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Atention Pizza Lovers!

For the mass:

450 grams of 00 flour (high strength flour or, failing that, strength flour)

250 milliliters of water

10 grams of salt

1 gram of fresh yeast


1. Mix the ingredients

First the water (always warm), the salt, about 50 grams of flour and the yeast. Mix the ingredients with a wooden spoon until the yeast is completely dissolved and, little by little, add the rest of the flour, while continuing to mix.

2. Knead the Neapolitan pizza

You will have to knead for about 20 minutes, until the dough is no longer wet and sticky. In fact, you will know when it is ready because it will no longer stick to your hands.

3. At least 2 hours of rest

Place the dough ball in a container covered with a cloth and the magic of time.

4. Form the pizza balls

After time the dough will have doubled in volume. Separate into at least 4 balls.

5. 48 hours cold

Place the balls on trays and let them rest for 48 hours in the refrigerator, covered with plastic wrap.

6. Stretch the dough

Before you put your hands in the dough, let it acclimate for at least half an hour. After that time, it is time to stretch the dough, preferably from the inside out, to achieve that Neapolitan pizza effect with voluminous edges.

7. Bake the Napoletana pizza

Traditional ovens reach 500 degrees, so they are often ready in a matter of a minute. To emulate this process in a conventional oven you can purchase a refractory pizza stone or place it directly on the base of the oven at maximum temperature for about 4-8 minutes (depending on the oven).

8. Pirulin on top!

With the dough still warm, a good Spread base, strawberries and wafers...

¡Mamma mia!

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